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I think people should come to my blog because I have many interesting posts that you can learn from. I also have a great format with a awesome theme, great widgets and many more interactive digital entertainment. My blog posts range from poems to information reports and many more. Mrs Cliff (our teacher) sets us a blog post each week e.g. Mothers Day, Fete, Father’s Day and many more, also if we are lucky we get a free post. I also have a about me page which tells you all about my interests and hobbies. I hope I have convinced you to come to my blog.

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Soldiers Point School Fete

Last Saturday our school held our own fete. It was the first fete we have had in ten years, there was so much you could do. There were rides including bungee trampoline, flying chairs, two jumping castles, rock climbing and gladiator wars. There was also many stalls such as the plants stall, cake stall, mystery bottles, 2nd hand stall, tombola and many more. There was also many other things you could do at the fete. The fete went for 10 hours from 10-3 we raised over $20,000 dollars for a new playground.

Sean For Father Of The Year

My dad is the most awesome, outgoing, funny and persistent person I’ve ever met. That’s why I have nominated him for farther of the year. Here are some of the many points why my dad deserves farther of the year.

Firstly my dad is the best builder in the world I have ever seen. He has won many awards for his great houses. He has built many multi million dollar waterfront houses that everyone loves. My dad is a very successful builder and I’m very proud to be his son.

Secondly my dad is the best cook in the world. His signature dishes are his curry sausages, spaghetti, crumbed fish, burriots and many more.

But lastly the number one thing about my dad is that he can turn the worst situations in to the best situations and he always makes me laugh

So just remeber vote 1 Sean Richards.

This belongs to my dadAwarded To Sean Richard for Father Of The Year

Cool Maths

Cool Maths is a great website that extends your maths learning ability. The site is great for all ages including parents, grandparents, kids and teens. Cool Maths offer many great learning games, my personal favorite games are Bloxzorz , Baloons tower defence 3 and many more. My star rating for it is 






Last Wednesday stage 3 left at about 9:00, the bus ride took about 90 minutes. The first thing we did when we got to the Morrisett Cristian Camp, was meet the instructors the instructores names were Ozzie, Dylan, Pom Pom, Bam Bam, Lizzie, Chris, Russel and Dan The Man. The Bests instructors were Bam Bam and Pom Pom. Next we got sorted into our groups I was in group one with Harrison and Tyler. Our instructors were Pom Pom and Bam Bam. 


The food was great we had many great meals such as lasagna, chicken, pancakes, ice cream, cereal and more.


The activities were the best thing about camp we did activities such as rock climbing, low ropes, high ropes, archery, cannoeing, dual flying fox, orienteeringand giant swing. The best activity was giant swing by far. All together the camp was the best camp ever and I recommended it to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Rugby Union On The Weekend

Last weekend on Saturday the 19th of June, we played footy at Maitland. It took about one hour to reach the back of Maitland. The last time we played Maitland it was at home, and they just beat us 24-10, but it was a very close game. Maitland are currently leading the comp but I do not think they are the best team. We kicked off at 9:50, and luckily I scored the first try to give our team a head start, unfortunately Maitland scored after, making the score 6-4 their way. It was now the second half, and Maitland had scored two tries off  kicks making the score 16-4. We had many chances but we did not suceed the end score was 16-4, to Maitland. At the end of the game the coach gave out the 3 2 1 awards. Jake got the 3, Kane got the 2 and I got the one. We all had a great day although we lost.


Natraul Disasters

A Plague is a very deadly disease, they are usually fatal. They can be spread by rats, rodents, insects, locus and other small animals. I am going to tell you about two very deadly Plagues the The Black Plague and The Locus Plague.


The Black Plague was very deadly killing over 75 million people in Europe and Asia. The Black Death started in 1347 and ended in the 1351. The affects of The Black Death were a high fever a cough and swelling in armpits and groin area.


The Locust Plague occurred in the ancient times, it was caused by Locust a type of grasshopper. The Locust destroyed vegetables, cereal and many farmers wallets.

Murder Under the Microscope (MuM)

I think MuM is a great way to learn about animals, locations and what effects we have on the environment. Any class in Australia can take part in MuM. In MuM you have to figure out the 1 crime site out of 10, 1 victim out of 15 and 1 villain out of 15. Every day when I go to school I look forward to finding the new clues and then going and researching them with my partner. I think MuM gives you valuable life skills like getting along, organisation and many more. So next year sign up for MuM.


This term we started bloging, I really love blogging it is like writing an article but on the Internet. There is so many things you can do on your blogs like adding widgets, images, videos and changing your theme. My favorite thing on blogging is adding widgets. You can get so many different widgets. You can get the best widgets from I hope I have convinced you to start blogging now.

Being In The OC

Hello everyone
I’m writing this article to tell you why you should take the opportunity class(OC) test. I took the OC test in 2008 I really didn’t think I would get in, but on the day of the Melbourne Cup 2008, my mother told me I was accepted into the opportunity class,but my horse didn’t win. I really enjoy being in the OC, it lets you extend your learning ability. You also get to discover new ways of using technology like glogging, blogging, Murder Under The Microscope and many more ways to use it. My personal favorite  is blogging. So I hope I have convinced you to take the OC test. And by the way the teacher is very nice.