About Me!!!!!

Hi my name Harry but my friends call me Hazza, I live in Port Stephens and go to SPPS and I’m in year 6. The sports I play are Tennis!!!, Rugby Union, Running, Swimming and many more. I enjoy playing ps3 and Xbox.

12 thoughts on “About Me!!!!!

  1. Your blog is super colourful. How do you do it? You’re very sporty. When do you find time for home work? JAKE!

  2. G’day Harry,
    Thanks for visiting the student blogging challenge blog and leaving a comment. Do you realize your weather widget is showing Santa Clara in California, USA rather than Port Stephens in sunny Australia?

    Your blog is coming along very well and you certainly have some great widgets.

    Feel free to tell your friends in class about the student blogging challenge blog at http://studentchallenge.edublogs.org

  3. Wow Harry that’s great rugby is my favourite sport. My home team is Hong Kong which won the shield in the Hong Kong sevens. There are two main teams I support England and Scotland! I just like being active in any sort of way like cross country.

  4. G’day Harry,
    Thanks for registering your individual student blog in the blogging challenge again this year. I hope you enjoy the activities and make friends with other students around the world through commenting and reading their posts.

    The first challenge will be published on 20th September. Make sure you visit the blog at http://studentchallenge.edublogs.org during that week.

  5. Hey, your “About Me” page reminded me of something. I’m from the US, and you say you’re in Year 6. I went to a camp over the summer and a kid from New Zealand said he was in “Year 8”.

    Also, I love your “you fail” cursor. It’s really cool. Could you show me how to get one like that? It would be convenient if you could leave your reply on my blog. It’s http://moranmustangs.org/jeffreyp/
    It’ll help me respond quicker; I check my dashboard pretty often. Thanks, keep up the great blogging!

  6. Sup,
    IF your still in the mood for pwning n00bz then maybe you could add the noobstore to your blogroll? Also The You Fail cursor could easily be directed at Tom…

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